Saturday, September 9, 2006

Burning Man 2006

Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Digital exposers from my trip to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. We found a city there and some nonsense about burning a man (not sure what all that is about) on the way there we stopped at some natural hot springs and on the way home jolted ourselves back to reality at the Manzanar concentration camp for Japanese citizens.

hot springsNatural hot springs on route to Nevada.

multiplyLooking through the end of a giant kaleidoscope in the desert.

hopeWaiting for a message of hope.

dadMy Father on the playa

playaThe cracked desert lake bed

steamKinetic Steam Works’ beautiful steam tractor at rest

dustTaking cover as a dust storm rages through center camp.

sci-fi60’s sci-fi movie?

frozenPlaying statue

mantis“Killbuck” and “Jellyfish’s” 12 foot glowing Mantis puppet floats for desert onlookers

bjornThe Borg happily makes his way though a touch maze


crewOur crew

temple burnMark Grieve’s temple burns

waffle burnThe Belgian crew’s “Uchronia” or “Belgian Waffle” lights up

model campModel of the Japanese concentration camp at Manzanar.

camp facesFaces of history

landscapeNot much remains

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Kafka on the Shore

Southern California

**As you may notice the blog is changing a bit. I am now using Write Post to update and manage my photoblog. Hopefully this will now be more like a blog instead of a fake blog type thing like it was before. it will take some getting used to so please bare with me.**

I just got back from spending a few days in Southern California. I went out to photograph my friend Ravi’s wedding and Sangeet. Enjoy
Lime on everything


Bjorn Rocks!

Hennaed hands

Sangeet Guests

Baby faces


The greatest qwaali

Brooklyn arrives

Always sleepy

Down the asile

Ravi's family

Minutes old


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