Monday, October 10, 2005

Building Home

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
Some images from the contruction of my room in the loft and other creative solutions for modern living style. Big thanks to Joe for all of his awesome construction and wood working expertise.

The original painting studio (soon to be my new room) before construction. The floor has been scraped and is about to get it’s first sanding

The framing of the studio coming down

The first plans of the rounded window corner

Loading in supplies

Framing the room

Living is a mess

Time-lapse drywall shot

The union boss takes a brake

The only insulated room in the house

The glowing corner and framing of the loft

From inside

The corner without the outside panes of plexi-glass

Completed exterior of the room

Door to access the heating unit and unpained walls (bottom of the loft)

Completed closet and ladder

Almost completed interior. Home sweet home

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