Saturday, March 22, 2008

Word on the street (Quito)

A few images of some of the pervasive and diverse street art around Quito. Some of it is straight forward, some is a bit more symbolic, and some makes no apparent sense at all. Forgive my Spanish if i try and translate a bit.

October 12th, 1492 –
when god created eden he thought of america

Woman with afro

there was text with this that looks like it was painted over

who knew the Latin Kings were repping in Ecuador? now you know

not sure what this is, but i like it

Our democracy is for everyone

I will reign

notice the “2 Pac”

This one is for Ateqah

No more violence (it’s a step) ;)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

The forgotten pouch

Within my first week here in Quito I noticed something very important in the chain of food production and distribution that we are missing in the United States. We have neglected one of the most versatile containers in the distribution of food products….. The Pouch! Here are a few photo of some of the many things you can get in pouches here, perhaps they will inspire a revival of the pouch in Gringolandia.



Peanut Butter




Laundry Detergent

Jams and Jellies

Dish Detergent

Garli Paste

and it’s very common to buy Milk in a pouch

Now this isn’t in a pouch,and at first you think.. PB&J in a jar… big deal? then you notice the cow, cows don’t make PB. OMG it’s BUTTER and JAM in a jar!

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Friday, May 4, 2007

To and Fro

Seattle, Washington

Some photographs on the way to the island and on the way back through Seattle home to Brooklyn. i had a perfectly timed flight back into JFK, we made the pass around the city just as the sun had come up, i great moment to have a window seat.

Tiny flowers
Sea grass

The ferry docks
A small octopus getting lost
Jeffrey McIntosh
Time flowing the wrong way
Jeffrey and i at the Vital Tea shop
Pike Place Market mushrooms
Seattle skies

Manhattan in the morning from the sky
Brooklyn in the morning from the sky

To see many more photos from my trip visit the complete gallery

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sweat Lodge

Orcas,San Juan Islands, Washington

One of the things on the agenda for my visit was to help build a sweat lodge with my father. After a little reseach we began the building process, many things fell into place perfectly and we were finish in about 3 days. It was a pleasure to build and many animals stopped by to watch along the way. Here are photographs documenting the process.

The building site before leveling the ground
The main supporting structure
Joining the structure with rope
The rocks arrive from a generous friend
Me laying in the floor over a bed of sand and cutting out for the stone pit.
The first layer of wool blankets from inside.
The site was chosen partially for this beautiful old growth Ceder
Grandfather rocks
The fire to heat the stones

The firepit is slightly off alignment in order to protect the Ceder’s roots.
Protecting the fire
Notice the door gaurdian

To see more photos documenting the building visit the complete gallery here

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