Saturday, May 17, 2008

10,000 days

Orcas Island, Washington

more photos here

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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Lumpen Cuisine

A few Images from the first of the Brooklyn Lumpen Cuisine Battles, Many thanks to all of the lovely people who helped bring the event together with their presence, talent and delicous food.

Venue: Bushwick kitchen stadium
Challenger 1: Chef Habib
Challenger 2: Iron Chef Brooklyn
Secret Ingredient: Basil

Winner: Iron Chef Brooklyn

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Toying with nature at year’s end

I was very sad one day to find my mint plants infected with what i thought were Aphids (they turned out to be White flies) so after a bunch of online research (obviously not thorough enough) i discovered that the best way to deal with the tiny life form was to get a slightly larger life form to eat it. Now after a half seconds thought about playing Mother Nature i decided that all steps must be taken to save the plants… this is my mint were talking about here! So I ordered a 100 Ladybugs over the Internet and they showed up at my door in the middle of a metropolis in the middle of winter (try explaining that to someone 50 years ago) so much fun was had by all…. the Ladybugs didn’t care for the white flies much….the mint died….the ladybugs died… most of the white flies died…. i somehow survived although i fear i might have a little karmic debt to pay.

The ladies….just arrived


Drying sage
A Christmas visitor

Guitar Heroines

Bringing in the New year… Thompson would be proud

Tea spill on the keyboad… classic *not pictured… the ten thousand screws that hold this thing together

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Les Yeux du Monde

Charlottesville, Virginia

Took a road trip down to Charlottesville, Virginia for three days for good friend Clay’s art opening. Congradulations goes to Clay. Much fun was had by all. #1 flavor!

Foggy BridgeMorning fog clings to the Verrazano Bridge as we head out of NY.

Hampton InnOur place of lodging.

gallery.jpgThe “Les Yeux du Monde” gallery in Charlottesville

point-vs-flat.jpgFlat vs. pointy…. the battle continues.

three-on-a-bench.jpgA bench full of roommates.

dome.jpgStraight up inside Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda

ornimented-roundness.jpg Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda

Taking photos of things they probably don’t want me to.

Shadow-of-you.jpg Habib

Plant’s in an odd window just for them.

after-party.jpgWonderful hosts.

moment-of-time.jpgOne moment of captured time.

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