Tuesday, February 6, 2007


After one of our kitchen walls was left blank, i decided to turn the emptiness into an opertunity for a quick art project. I decided to paint a giant squid in the kitchen, after coming up with the design I projected it onto the wall/ceiling with an opaque projector, traced it and then painted it with speedball ink….. looking back it would have been truely amazing if i had used accual squid ink to paint with, but i like it anyway.

things weren’t looking so good at first

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Building a workspace


Since the construction of my room about a year ago (see photos) i having been meaning to build myself a desk. Since the corner where the desk will go is rounded it seemed like custom building it was a better option then getting something store bought, plus i like building things and would get a chance to revive what little carpentry skills i might have. Here are some photos of the process and finished workspace. i think it turned out rather nice.
Now what to do with it? :D
Thanks to Peter for lending me the tools.

hot springs
I used a sheet of 3/4 inch [[wikipedia:birch]] plywood. Here the shape has already been cut with a jigsaw.

Here is a view of the slider that will support the fold up extension.

hopeIn addition to the two front legs the desk will be anchored to the wall for extra support.

dadThe walls have been masked in perparation for coating the wood with a [[wikipedia:polyurethane]] finish (4 coats)

playaA close up of the foldable extension, wood stripping, and the finish on the wood.

steamHaving finished the main desk, i quickly realised that i would need a little storage space since the desk doesn’t have any drawers. i decided to build a shelving unit that would sit above the desk… this would prove to be trickier and more time consuming then the desk.

Ironing on the wood stripping.

sci-fiGetting the same [[wikipedia:polyurethane]] finish as the desktop.

frozenfinally up, anchored to the wall.

mantisAll finished.

bjornWith the shelf above.

totterHere is a wide shot were you can see the cable lighting system i put in to light the workspace.

There are a few more photos on my Smugmug gallery

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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Burning Man 2006

Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Digital exposers from my trip to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. We found a city there and some nonsense about burning a man (not sure what all that is about) on the way there we stopped at some natural hot springs and on the way home jolted ourselves back to reality at the Manzanar concentration camp for Japanese citizens.

hot springsNatural hot springs on route to Nevada.

multiplyLooking through the end of a giant kaleidoscope in the desert.

hopeWaiting for a message of hope.

dadMy Father on the playa

playaThe cracked desert lake bed

steamKinetic Steam Works’ beautiful steam tractor at rest

dustTaking cover as a dust storm rages through center camp.

sci-fi60’s sci-fi movie?

frozenPlaying statue

mantis“Killbuck” and “Jellyfish’s” 12 foot glowing Mantis puppet floats for desert onlookers

bjornThe Borg happily makes his way though a touch maze


crewOur crew

temple burnMark Grieve’s temple burns

waffle burnThe Belgian crew’s “Uchronia” or “Belgian Waffle” lights up

model campModel of the Japanese concentration camp at Manzanar.

camp facesFaces of history

landscapeNot much remains

To see more photos visit my Smugmug gallery

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Immigrant Seeds

Brooklyn, NY
in memory of Ian Ross and Garrett Scott,
two friends who will be kindly remebered.

multiply Breakdown


multiplyFlying photo shoot

multiplyStarting Seeds


multiplyHappy seedlings

multiplyMaking wheatpaste


multiplyRally for Immigrant rights, marching against H.R.

multiplyReally we don’t want you here

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