Sunday, December 3, 2006

Les Yeux du Monde

Charlottesville, Virginia

Took a road trip down to Charlottesville, Virginia for three days for good friend Clay’s art opening. Congradulations goes to Clay. Much fun was had by all. #1 flavor!

Foggy BridgeMorning fog clings to the Verrazano Bridge as we head out of NY.

Hampton InnOur place of lodging.

gallery.jpgThe “Les Yeux du Monde” gallery in Charlottesville

point-vs-flat.jpgFlat vs. pointy…. the battle continues.

three-on-a-bench.jpgA bench full of roommates.

dome.jpgStraight up inside Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda

ornimented-roundness.jpg Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda

Taking photos of things they probably don’t want me to.

Shadow-of-you.jpg Habib

Plant’s in an odd window just for them.

after-party.jpgWonderful hosts.

moment-of-time.jpgOne moment of captured time.

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