Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sweat Lodge

Orcas,San Juan Islands, Washington

One of the things on the agenda for my visit was to help build a sweat lodge with my father. After a little reseach we began the building process, many things fell into place perfectly and we were finish in about 3 days. It was a pleasure to build and many animals stopped by to watch along the way. Here are photographs documenting the process.

The building site before leveling the ground
The main supporting structure
Joining the structure with rope
The rocks arrive from a generous friend
Me laying in the floor over a bed of sand and cutting out for the stone pit.
The first layer of wool blankets from inside.
The site was chosen partially for this beautiful old growth Ceder
Grandfather rocks
The fire to heat the stones

The firepit is slightly off alignment in order to protect the Ceder’s roots.
Protecting the fire
Notice the door gaurdian

To see more photos documenting the building visit the complete gallery here

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Visiting the island

Orcas,San Juan Islands, Washington

Young explorer
Bear bath

The sound
The Northwest forest

Black sheep
Alien fungus

Moo cow
Planted peas in the garden
The exchange
Space art
Hidden mushroom
The San Juan ferry

To see many more photos from my trip visit the complete gallery

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Brewing Kombucha

For the past few months i have been experimenting with brewing Kombucha tea. After a rough frist try it has been very successful. Now i drink about 8oz. every morning before brekfast. I haven’t noticed as dramatic an effect as some others but i do feel in very good health and up up my dose again soon.

Anyone interested in brewing or recieving a baby culture to start their own batch just let me know. Also happy to answer any question from what i have discovered in the process so far

my first attempt. You can see the mold growing…. had to through this whole batch out. I saved the culture and tried again.

Brewing a big batch of tea is the first step.

Covered with a hankercheif and brewing.

Here you can see the new Kombucha culture growing. The culture is called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) it is not technically a mushroom as many people refer to it.

We keep two jars going at the house.

A close up of the mother culture.




Once the tea has gone through it’s fermenation period of 8-10 days (give or take) it is then bottle and left at room temperature to carbonate and then refrigerated.

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