Disrupt old and harmful cultural agreements

Justin McIntosh is an artist, activist, and creative from Scottish and English lineages. His early life included very little formal education, outside of a formal structure he developed a deep curiosity about the world and a passion for learning and researching on his own. Feeling comfortable pursuing a diverse range of topics has led him to work in many diverse creative fields including international film, television, radio, photojournalism, public relations and digital and new media. Alongside his creative work he also has a strong interest in history, nature, mythology, culture, and the human struggle for justice and liberation. For the past decade he has explored technical practice and personal meditation through learning traditional gilding and taken up a focused study of traditional iconography, natural pigments, and tempera painting under the iconographers Dmitri and Vladislav Andreyev. He currently makes his home in Cambridge, MA on the lands of the Naumkeag and Massachusetts people.